Sunday, 24 February 2013

More Long-tailed Ducks......

I couldn't resist another look at the long-tailed ducks this morning.....

It seems to be a good winter for this species, plenty up and down the coast and a good few birds on inland waters too...... Not every day you get to see these birds at close range so I am enjoying these beauties while I can. I can't deny that the camera always seems to get drawn towards the male, but the female has a charm all of her own, a more subtle bird and quite fearless too !!


I also visited the scrapes this morning. All the usual stuff there plus the long tailed duck still and 4 goldeneye, I wonder what they are feeding on ?

Today on the scrapes...

1 long-tailed duck
4 goldeneye
29 wigeon
62 teal
2 shoveler
12 mallard
4 redshank
5 dunlin


  1. Nice photos Stringer!

    Gotta admit that some of the males have a charming drag-queen poodle vibe about them.

    Good Birding


  2. "I wonder what they are feeding on?"

    Pond snails? Marine snails form an important part of their (normal) diet

  3. Permanent water has only been here for a year or two (it was dry in 2011). I guess snails could come in on ducks feet or something tho..... Interesting point, maybe aquatic life is becoming more established here.