Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Gulls, gulls gulls !!

While I was at home in the Midlands over Christmas I had good intentions of getting out to my old local patch to grill the gulls. It's been years since I've had the opportunity to look at good numbers of large gulls and I am extremely rusty so I figured some time with these birds would be time well spent....  

Unfortunately the weather was utterly shite the whole time so in the end I only managed two short visits to the roost and nearby loafing area. With young Andrew's words ringing in my ears I made sure I got some record shots this time, the late afternoon light was dreadful tho (hence these shocking images).

Casp arse in the murk...

Pale looking herring gull type thing ?!

Herring gull

A couple of bruisers !

They call these "lezzers" in the Midlands !

Big gull, little gull....
Of interest over the two afternoons I headed out I clocked a wing tagged herring gull from Germany and a ringed bird from Norway, both argentatus presumably. I also saw a ringed "lezzer" from the Netherlands, presumably intermedius of sorts ?

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