Thursday, 24 July 2014


I've had a busy couple of days but I managed a Tuesday and Wednesday visit to the scrapes. I didn't have time for a full count on  these visits but fresh in was a new LRP, a juvenile bird (the last one was an adult).

Still 2 nice summer plumaged knot kicking about on Tuesday, but other than those just the usual stuff and the dunlin flock seems to have reduced to around 30 birds.

There seems to be the odd curlew sand and little stint getting reported in the country now, hopefully it will just be a matter of time before the scrapes scores ?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Monday Evening Scrapes....

A bit quieter this evening....

12 blackwits
2 whimbrel
2 knot
38 dunlin
21 snipe
8 lapwings
1 oyc
7 yellow wags

Lunchtime Check !!

A little bit of variation can't be a bad thing..... I've been doing a lot of morning and evening checks of the scrapes recently, so today I decided to pop out and check the scrapes at lunchtime for change....

It was a flying visit on my way to the shops so no counts done, but the following were present....

2 knot
10+ blackwits
35+ dunlin
all the other usual waders
5 yellow wags

Interestingly the wood sands seem to have gone. Last night I watched the adult preening, wing stretching a lot and calling all of the time. This behaviour made me wonder if it was preparing to depart.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Evening Scrapes....

Another check of the scrapes......

2 wood sands
1 green sand
1 common sand
23 blackwits
41 dunlin
24 snipe
17 redshank
7 lapwing
10 oycs
3 yellow wags

Sunday Morning Visit

A quick mid morning visit was made to the scrapes today. I didn't have time to count birds today but a rough idea of what was present can be seen below......

2 wood sands
1 green sand
12+ blackwits
30+ dunlin
all the other usual waders
5 yellow wags

Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Quick Visit....

This evening I made a quick visit to the scrapes. After a day of heavy rain I was hoping something may have dropped in.....

Nowt new to report from this morning, still 2 wood sands and greenshank present tho....

I decided to have a go at phone-scoping  (iphone 5s). I've heard people say it is dead good but it I find that it is not easy to do and the quality of my pics are shite ! However, I am currently using a little old kowa scope (I accidentally threw my leica at the tarmac and it fell apart) maybe that has some bearing on picture quality ?

I may try it again when the leica eventually re-appears from Germany, but for now I don't think I'm going to bother too much with this. It maybe ok for 'record shots' I suppose.

A couple of phone-scoped pics.....
Juv wood sand
Adult wood sand

The Scrapes this Morning...

This morning dunlin numbers on the scrapes peaked at the highest so far this autumn, which gives some hope of something else turning up amongst them....... a curlew sand would be nice !

This morning the scrapes held...

2 wood sands
3 common sands
1 greenshank
65 dunlin !
12 blackwits
29 redshank
19 snipe
69 oycs
11 lapwing
3 yellow wags

Friday, 18 July 2014

Another Evening Visit.....

...... to the scrapes, and another evening with good activity.

Tonight there was......

2 wood sands
3 whimbrel
18 blackwits
5 golden plovers
44 dunlin
29 redshank
22 snipe
11 lapwing
41 oycs
5 yellow wags

Scrapes AGAIN !!

This is becoming a serious habit ! I've even put a new header on my blog in the vain hope that it will make something good appear on the scrapes this autumn.......

Superstitious ?..... Me ?!

Anyway this morning there were less birds but the same quality....

2 little egrets !
2 wood sands
15 blackwits
42 dunlin
29 redshank
10 lapwing
29 oycs
15 snipe
3 common terns
1 sandwich tern
5 yellow wags

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Scrapes Again......

A nice haul from the scrapes this evening.....

2 wood sands
1 ruff
3 greenshank
22 blackwits
28 dunlin
25 snipe
71 redshank !
2 curlew
12 lapwing
81 oycs
2 sandwich terns
6 yellow wags